Sunday, September 23, 2007

Position Analysis - Idaho Game (Pt. II)


DEs (aka Larry English) - 10/10
#51 DE Larry English ate Idaho for lunch, plain and simple. He had 12 tackles (7 solo), 5 TFLs which were all sacks for a total 34 yds in losses. He also had a forced fumble, recovered it and scored a TD off that same play! He also had a pass breakup and a QB hurry. On the other side, 23-year old RS FR #54 Jake "Corporal" Coffman got 3 tackles (2 solo) and a QB hurry. He might have gotten playing time, because starter #56 Brandon Bice may have gotten injured. Rambo stopped an Idaho 4th down attempt in the 4th quarter.

DTs - 6/10
At NT/NG, 6'4" 278 RS FR #90 (#92) Ed Jackson took up a bunch of space. The other Tackle spot was taken up by both 6'2" 258 #69 Alex Krutsch & 6'1" 295 True FR #98 D.J. Pirkle. Not to mention 6'4" 300 #78 Dan Keller who switched over from the O-Line. Keller looked like crap on this early rushing TD by Idaho. Problem was starting RB for Idaho Jackson ran 20 times for 113 yds and 2 TDs with a 5.6 ypc. Backup RB Bird ran 8 times for 52 yds and a 6.5 ypc. Not very good numbers at all. But a surprisingly good performance, considering the disparaging injuries. A whole new beefy look had a good debut.

LBs - 9/10
Solid as usual. Nice pressure on the QB, great assignments. Nice pick by Tranch. #26 (#10) Cory Hanson with another solid game with 10 tackles (5 solo). Again, there were way too many rushing yds given up.

Secondary - 6/10
Secondary Coaching - 0/10
#8 SS Mark Reiter gets owned on this 3rd quarter score by Idaho. Reiter sucks in coverage as well. Nice INT return for a TD by #36 CB Chase Carter for 95 yds. Pick by #24 FS Bradley Pruitt from the pressure from a Tranch blitz. #37 SS Alex Kube (god I love this guy) had 11 tackles (8 solo) as Reiter's backup!!! #32 backup FS Jeff Fontana SUCKAGE ALERT!!! His horrible coverage strikes again and he gave up the last TD scored by Idaho. He has to be the worst player on this defense.

Now it's time to breakdown the "Huskie Prevent Defense"

The "Huskie Prevent D" is one of the worst ideas ever conjured up in the history of me following NIU Football. We're up 35-7 going in to the 2nd half and then we do a couple things. We run the ball...a lot. We also play WAY WAY WAY off of the receivers. Even the Idaho announcers were saying "This secondary is playing SOOOOO off the WRs."

It's why we lose games at the end. It's why we can't win the "big one". Whose fault is this monstrosity? HC Joe Novak? Doubt it. DC Denny "Doorknob" Doornbos? Very possibly. Secondary coach John "Doogie" Hauser? He's just implementing the system that Doorknob puts in.

Idaho QB Nathan Enderle passed for 332 of his 423 yds in the 2nd half.
Our "Huskie Prevent D" lets the opposing QBs to complete 15-25 yd passes at ease.

Special Teams - 7/10
True FR #33 Patrick George dropped 2 returns and lolly-gagged on another return. He also hit a guy before he even touched the ball (HUGE HIT though). And on the last punt in the 1st half he over-pursued the ball carrier and the guy returned it for a TD. Not a good day for the True Freshman. Oh well he has the rest of this season and 3 more years. Matt Simon also blocked a punt and Fontana recovered the ball for a TD. About the only good thing Jeff Fontana has done this season.

Oh yeah, and please take Britt Davis off the hands team! Watch the botched onside kick return for a laugh.

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