Friday, September 7, 2007

Week 2 MAC Game of the Week


I really didn't expect MAC games to get this important this early. 2 of the top MAC West team have a showdown on Saturday. Is it on TV? No, but 3 other MAC vs Big 10 games will be shown on the B10 network.

Toledo's not making any friends in the MAC:

"We hate Toledo just as much as we hate Western Michigan," said junior running back Ontario Sneed. "This game means a lot. We've got to have this win."

"We've beat (Toledo) two in a row," LB Red Keith said. "I think they're going to come in here after us, because we've got something they want."

Injury report:
Toledo Senior FS Tyrrell Herbert is out with an injury. Another Senior in Toledo's secondary is out, but the article doesn't even list his name (WHY?) OK I looked it up. Senior CB Nigel Morris is also out for Toledo. CMU Senior WR Justin Gardner is questionable with an ankle injury.

Stadium Notes: Chips finally got a video scoreboard put up, which is pretty cool.

Cheerleaders will actually do stuff (unlike the NIU cheerleaders)

"We'll actually try to rally the crowd from inside the stands more often," Beirne said. The cheerleaders also will stick to traditional chants rather than learn dozens of routines at once.

"So instead of doing 30 things, we're going to do less, but we'll work a lot harder to get the students to yell it with us," Beirne said.
My prediction: Both teams got blown out last week, but I believe that Toledo has the stable coach in Toledo Tom Amstutz and stable running back in Jalen Parmele. Not to mention the revenge factor from last year's 42-20 loss at home. 35-23 Toledo.

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