Sunday, September 23, 2007

Position Analysis - Idaho Game (Pt. I)


Mostly a good Dan day (New Unis!)

QBs - 8/10
Dan Nicholson was 10 for 17 for 168 yds, 2 TDs and 1 INT. He was very un-Dan like and made GREAT decisions when there were no WRs open. He didn't try forcing things, and I am still awaiting his explanation for the INT he threw. Great improvement by Nicholson. Only 17 attempts throwing? Big plays early and success of the running game. Ultra conservative approach by HC Joe Novak in the 2nd half. A lot of run, run and then a pass on 3rd down, run, run, run in the 4th quarter.

RBs - 9/10
Justin Anderson had 173 yds rushing and 1 TD on 35 carries. That was sure a workload for JA. He looked better than I have ever seen him play. He was gassed towards the end of the game. What confuses me is that Chad Spann only got 2 carries in the game. Is he hurt? I hope not. RS Freshman Ricky Crider made his collegiate debut in the 4th quarter and showed some power running for 20 yds on 5 carries.

WRs/TEs - 7/10
Matt Simon had a career game catching 4 balls for 115 yds and a TD. The TD was on a 59 yd strike from Dan N. Britt Davis showed nice hands and athletic ability in the back of the endzone for a TD. David Koronkiewicz was back at TE for the first time this season (elbow injury) and had a catch for 15 yds. Simon stumbled and fell on some one play that could have been another TD. WRs Could get open a little bit more. Britt needs to make more plays.

OL - 8/10
This is the hardest thing to judge. Dan only got sacked 1 time. Our rushing game was good, but there's still room for improvement I still think. Still worried about #70 LT Chris Acevedo.

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