Sunday, September 23, 2007


There's so many ways to break down this game, I'm just gonna start with this.

The first thing you would have noticed about the game if you had watched it is that NIU adorned new away jerseys for this game.

I can't show you pictures of the jerseys, because there are no pictures available to show. The Daily Chronicle sucks at posting pictures with their writeups. The official athletic site just shows pics from previous weeks. It's garbage and needs to be changed.


Problem with some of the jerseys...they didn't fit! Therefore, some players had to wear different numbers during the game deeming it confusing to announcers and fans. Justin Anderson's was too small. They wore the jerseys of hurt players or ones that weren't on the team any more.

#21 TB Justin Anderson wore #43 (LB TJ Griffin)
#90 DE Ed Jackson wore #92 (DT Adam Schroeder)
#26 LB Cory Hanson wore #10 (WR Willie Clark)
#17 WR Greg Turner wore #83 (TE Reed Cunningham)
#85 WR Matt Simon wore #99 (DT Craig Rusch)

It's sorta like MJ when he had #45

WR Matt Simon better hang that #99 jersey on his wall. He had a career day with 4 catches for 115 yds and a TD.

From the Chronicle:

The uniform change played havoc on Idaho's final statistics. According to the final stat sheet, Chase Carter, Saul Ibarra, Melvin Rice, D.J. Pirkle and Andy Dittbenner were the six ball carriers for the Huskies. Also, Dittbenner was listed as the quarterback instead of Nicholson.

Don't they sorta look like the Texans away jerseys?:

Except the blue on that jersey should be replaced by black instead. And the red on NIU's jerseys was a darker red I thought. A dark Cardinal red.


  1. New uniforms?! Is there any pictures at all of the game? Do you know if they will unveil new home jerseys for the next home game?

  2. I just put a closeup of the new jerseys. According to 670 The Score, there will not be new home jerseys introduced...this season at least.

  3. Does any one know where to get a real NIU football jersey? a real field jersey not one of those cheap replica's from vcb