Monday, December 3, 2007

NIU should be National Champions

Northern Illinois beat
Kent St who beat
Iowa St who beat
Iowa who beat
#13 Illinois who beat
#1 Ohio State

Northern Illinois beat
Kent St who beat
Ohio U. who beat
Louisiana-Lafayette who beat
North Texas who beat
Louisiana-Monroe who beat
Alabama who beat
Arkansas who beat
#2 LSU


Courtesy of College Football Victory Chain Linker

I'm all about BCS and I defend it all the time, but come on now about Kansas getting the bid over Missouri. Missouri beat the Jayhawks at a neutral field, became the #1 team, went to the Big 12 championship and then lost to Oklahoma who beat them for the 2nd time.

You punish a team for making it to their conference championship? Is one loss better than 2 losses to the same team? I don't get it.

And I keep trying to ward off idiots yelling for a huge playoff system. Anything more than 4 teams is just not going to work. It is important to keep the bowl games intact, that's where the money is made, the sponsorship is and the tradition continues to stand. Only one game would have to be added for a 4-team playoff in order to keep all the traditional bowls intact. A 4-team playoff for the national championship would work fine this year. #1 OSU vs #4 OU and #2 LSU vs #3 VT. All conference winners. Even though LSU blew out Virginia Tech earlier this year, it would be at a neutral site, not @ Death Valley. A 4-team playoff system would actually work well every year, as documented by Phil Steele in his yearly preview magazine. Sorry Georgia, you didn't go to your championship game and sorry USC you lost to Stanford!

Just think about it. The bowl system keeps coaches employed in the same way the 65 teams that get to the NCAA tourney does. 64 teams are participating in 32 bowl games this year. There's so many teams to go to so many bowls it spreads the wealth around every single year. If there were to be a 16 team playoff then that would be the only thing mattering and there would be no more bowls in effect. You just can't do both at the same time. This hugely takes away from any mid-major coming in and upsetting teams that have tremendous advantages every single year money-wise. Finally, the season would be WAY too long, these are student athletes and not professionals. It is not in the best interest health or scholastic wise to keep these guys going and forcing a playoff system.

Here's what the Oklahoma coach has to say and I agree with:

Stoops is anti-playoff. Too many moving parts, he said. His reasons: the regular season would become less important … fans would have difficulty traveling from playoff site to playoff site … regular-season attendance might suffer … the bowls might be adversely affected.

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