Monday, December 17, 2007

Garrett Wolfe to get a shot tonight?

13 games in to the season...NOW WOLFE IS GETTING SOME LOOKS?

After being underused by Ron Turner and constantly ripped by sports radio personalities, Garrett Wolfe is supposed to be involved much more in this game. And guess what, it's been the same story week in and week out. Ron Turner has always sucked. He sucked at Illinois, except when he rode the coattails of guys like Kurt Kittner and such.

We draft Garrett Wolfe in the 3rd round and we barely use his abilities as a guy catching passes out of the backfield or anything like that. OK so NOW the Bears are using Orton? And now they're using Wolfe? Could have tried that a little earlier in the season.

Of course Wolfe is going to try and make his biggest impact of the season against the #1 rush D in the NFL. If he tries to run through the middle, he'll be engulfed by 628 lbs of Pat and Kevin Williams. He obviously doesn't have the assignment to block those guys, because then we would have a Wolfe pancake on the field.

Wolfe just hasn't gotten enough consistent playing time to show he can produce in the NFL.

This Sun-Times article by Brad Biggs specifically rips him a new one. He rips the MAC and talks about how Garrett Wolfe has yet to show he can do anything in the NFL. Well, he obviously hasn't gotten enough opportunities this season to show anything!

Wolfe seems fine with everything though, and is staying grounded:

''Any time I get the opportunity to play, I am excited,'' Wolfe said. ''This is what I am here to do: play football. I wouldn't say this season has been strange. It hasn't gone the way I would have liked it to. I am sure that is the same for everyone in this locker room.

''Opportunities [for me] just never materialized. Everything happens for a reason, and things have worked themselves out.''

I hope he finally gets a lot of touches this week, so we can all see what he can do. Everybody on winter break from NIU is rooting for you with their families tonight Garrett and we always get really excited when you get your opportunities in the NFL.

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