Sunday, December 16, 2007

Loyola Chicago downs NIU in Overtime 76-72

This game was actually free to watch online @, so that's probably where you can catch next week @ Wisconsin GB. I watched the first couple minutes and then I passed out, because I was so exhausted from finals and my flight back home to Texas.

Bench players were the stars, with Nichols scoring 15 and Jake Anderson filling in with 13. Shaun Logan was solid with 10 pts, 8 rebounds and 3 assists.

Everything was pretty much even for both of the teams, except Loyola got to the line 29 times and made 23 of their free throw attempts compared to our 10 of 15.

There were some blunders at the end of the game that cost us the victory before overtime. We're up 4 with 51 seconds left and we foul and stop the clock. It's 61-64 now. Anderson then has his layup blocked when he still had 10 seconds left on the shot-clock. Landers then takes a flop instead of playing D and lets this dude named Blount hit a 3 to force OT.

Unfortunate, but the young guys are still figuring out to win close games. This was a good learning experience for them. Conference play is all that matters in the MAC, so it's time to get fine-tuned for the weak MAC West.

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