Thursday, February 14, 2008

Reviewing the travesty that was the 2007 All-MAC Football Team

Here's something I was just browsing over again:

When the MAC All-Conference team was voted on by the MAC's 12 coaches:

1st Team:
DL Larry English, JR

2nd Team:
RB Justin Anderson, SO

3rd Team:
OL Jon Brost, JR

Wait just one second here. Where are WR Matt Simon and SS Alex Kube? They played well enough to be on 3rd or even 2nd-1st team at their respected positions.

Let's take a glance at Matt Simon's stats for the year:

52 rec
969 yds
18.63 avg
5 tds
4.3 rec/g
80.8 ypg

Now let's look at this jokester that made 3rd team All-MAC:

Buffalo WR Naaman Roosevelt:

63 rec
766 yds
12.16 avg
4 tds
5.3 rec/g
63.8 ypg

Matt is better than this guy in every single category other than receptions. It is a joke that Simon was not named 3rd Team All-MAC.

He had 203 more yds than the Buffalo WR for the year! Matt led the MAC in yards per catch with 18.63. What an embarrassment that the most consistent offensive player for the Huskies has to be shafted.

Now for SS Alex Kube. This redshirt freshman really came on the scene for the Huskies, staying healthy when everybody else was going down.

Let's take a glance at tackles by a DB in the MAC Conference:

1. Buffalo's Davonte Shannon with 123 tackles
2. NIU's Alex Kube with 111 tackles


Shouldn't Alex Kube be a shoe-in for 1st or 2nd team All-MAC??? Shannon is 1st Team. What about Alex? Being the 2nd best tackler for a defensive back doesn't put you in the top 12 DBs in the conference? What a farce.

Kube may have been a glorified roaming linebacker at the SS spot, but shouldn't he get some recognition inside this conference? He was the number 8 tackler in the MAC, but doesn't get the respect he deserves as our last line of defense. What a joke. I don't know if our safeties are going to get as many tackles next year as they have in past years, but I hope this snub doesn't happen again.

I guess we just live in a corner-obsessed league where interceptions are everything and strong safeties aren't going to get respect. I just hope that the NIU secondary learns how to play in the post-Doornbos era and force more turnovers so we can avoid another 2-10 season.

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