Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Week Later

First of all, check out the NIU Athletics link on the right to check out the cool tribute they have.

At this point, there's only one thing you can do as a student of Northern Illinois University. You have to acknowledge the fact that this entire incident happened and move on.

There's no sense in dwelling on the subject, since Donald Grady and the rest of the NIU Police are doing the best job they can in analyzing interviews, evidence and figure out anything about the motive of the shooter. It's not our fault that the coward took out his hard drive from his computer and the sim card from his phone to thwart the investigation.

The best thing we can do as students is just move on and focus on other positive things. This event has brought to life the more important things in life. It makes you look past the minor squabbles and arguments that you may have with your friends. You realize how much your friends mean to you, and who cares for you.

Usually I take solace in the fact that a Northern game is coming up whether in Basketball or the upcoming Baseball season. I can't wait now for the remaining home basketball games and the season opener for baseball @ SIU February 29th.

The last memorial service before school starts will be Sunday at 7 PM @ the Convo. Then 2 days of "class" with counselors around the classrooms. Then a regular schedule will resume.

Special thanks to all the tributes including:

The Chicago White Sox
The Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Blackhawks
Virginia Tech
Western Michigan
Sycamore & Dekalb High Schools

And all others...

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