Friday, February 15, 2008

Everything Cancelled this weekend

I would have really liked to have seen my Huskies play at the Convo against WMU on Sunday to get over this tragedy, but that event has been canceled, as is the women's game on Saturday.

Women's gymnastics, track and field, the tennis teams and the wrestling and golf teams will not be traveling anywhere this weekend.

I went to the candlelight vigil last night and it was really good. I went to both the one on Glidden/Normal and the one by the Pike house for the late Dan P and 2 Sigma Kappa girls that were injured.

The updated list includes 6 people have died along with the gunman.

You can find the names online if you go to the school's website on the right or any recent news article.

I guess the shooter lives in Champaign. There is video of police searching his house. He is 27, attends U of I and is a recent grad of NIU in sociology.

Am I going home? Haha. I don't think so. I live in a fraternity house, while my family lives in Texas and couldn't get a hold of my cousin, who is my only family in the area.

It's a good thing I don't have any classes in Cole Hall. Seriously though, they need to demolish that place. I've heard it was an old school house that was here before the time of segregation. Just put up some memorial there instead.

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