Monday, June 9, 2008

On NIU Baseball Recruit Kyle Stroup

Photo courtesy of Boston Globe

This Boston Globe article is mostly fluff, but a few of these quotes are pretty interesting:

Stroup said he had been told by several scouts that he was going to be picked somewhere in the top 10 rounds, or shortly thereafter, but the phone didn't ring.

He expected it was because he asked for too much money in the beginning, $250,000.

Stroup said he has a fastball that sits in the low 90s, but reaches 95, as well as a knuckle-curve, a changeup, and a splitter.

I'm assuming he stll attends Northern, since I doubt he gets the money he wants being picked 1,504th. This article says that he has to attend NIU for 3 years before regaining his draft eligibility. The 5th ranked recruit in IL could always go the JUCO route to be eligible earlier. Stroup makes our recruiting class ranked 1st in the MAC and 63rd in the nation. Good luck to Kyle on whatever choice he may make.

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