Monday, June 9, 2008

Cedric Benson's woes affecting Garrett Wolfe?

There's something I've respected Joe Novak (and hopefully Jerry Kill now) and the Northern Illinois football program for, and it's not letting players get in to off the field troubles. Not so is the case at other college programs doing whatever they can to get ahead recruiting questionable character players with high upside (*cough* DU of I *cough).

Sure there have been some minor cases like with the Ikegwuonu brothers or certain former players getting in to scuffles at fraternity houses causing one guy to wear a huge band-aid on his forehead all year. Overall, the discipline by Joe Novak's tenure at NIU has been exceptional.

At the pro level it gets worse for Cedric Benson. Boating while intoxicated...driving while intoxicated...the man does it all. He's staying this off-season too much here in my current town of Austin, TX trying to re-live his college days I guess.

Well now Cedric's released and any thought of Garrett Wolfe being cut from the bears gets diminished a little bit. Lovie Smith still has an infatuation with Adrian Peterson (no, not that one) and also 2nd round pick Matt Forte out of Tulane is getting the pub for the main guy running the ball for the Bears.

It still confuses me to this day why the Bears picked Wolfe so early (3rd round) and used him so sparingly last year. I hope the running back lacking in size but not heart gets a few more chances with Benson out of town.

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