Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kyle Stroup a no-go to become a Huskie


Stevens and Feeney weren't the only players with NIU ties to get drafted. Fox Lake native Kyle Stroup was the last pick in the draft by the Boston Red Sox, and he has committed to play at NIU.

However, Stroup has informed Mathey that he won't be headed to DeKalb.

If he doesn't sign with Boston, Stroup will head to Chipola Junior College in Florida, where he will be eligible to get drafted next year.

If players attend a four-year school, they aren't eligible to get drafted until their junior year or when they turn 21. Players who attend junior college are eligible after their first year.

I'm really not surprised by his decision, because even if he went to Northern his eyes would always be looking towards the MLB. Stroup was drafted last in the draft (1,504th). He needs to develop his pro potential more and I feel the right choice to do that would have been to sign on with the Huskies instead of going to some JUCO for a year which is likely to happen. I don't see the Red Sox signing Stroup for 250,000 with their last pick of a HS Pitcher.

I also don't feel that it's trustworthy to sign a letter of intent to 2 schools and leaving the possible opening to burn both of them. This may be a common practice in College Baseball, but this is a big blow to our team for the next 3 years he would have played here and produced one of our highest draft picks.


  1. I am a Radio Sports director in Lake County and while I agree with you that going to NIU would be the best choice for Kyle, it does not completely suprise me as most kids these days think only of the $$money and don't care if they get the high quality education that schools like NIU can provide. Shame to see Klye make a bad choice like this. Let's see.. get sign with MLB, get hurt first year, no more baseball... then what, with no college degree, "Welcome to McDonalds, Can I take your order" what a shame.

  2. Well hopefully he thinks about attending NIU after a year or 2 at a JUCO

  3. I was just in Fort Myers and saw this kid at the Red Sox facilities. He had gained something like 60 lbs and the organization will not let him pick up a ball until he gets his weight down. I believe he is spending a little too much time eating and drinking with his 250K.