Thursday, July 10, 2008

BGSU, Kent St players arrested

Projected starter Junior DT Jacob Hardwick & Sophomore Backup DT Orlando Barrow are kicked off the Bowling Green Falcons Football team.

Per NBC 24 Toledo:

About 10:25 p.m. June 2, three intruders reportedly broke into an apartment at the Enclave II complex wearing masks and carrying what appeared to be handguns. They demanded marijuana from the occupants then proceeded to ransack the apartment.

Mr. Hardwick's former roommate, Orlando Barrow, 19, was arrested the night of the crime and later was indicted on the same charges. He is free on bond.

The charges are of robbery and aggravated burglary. Possibly, the third suspect in this crime could be a football player as well. Definitely not what the Falcons had planned.

Definitely more chances for Justin Anderson to run a muck October 25th in Huskie Stadium. It will be the first time since 2004 that we will be playing the hated BUGS Falcons, which is too long. They should move back to the MAC West with Army taking their spot in the East.

In other police blotter, projected starting SS for the Golden Flashes Brian Lainhart and backup MLB Cobrani Mixon both pleaded guilty to burglary, a fourth degree felony on Monday according to Kent News Net

Both players are sophomores and the news reports that penalties have already been handed out. They are still on the roster, so I expect a multiple game suspension.
The players must also each pay one-third of the damage fees. The sentencing will be up to the court. The charge carries up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine plus court costs.

The charges stem from an incident in Brimfield when the players allegedly kicked the door in at a party and assaulted a person there.

At the hearing, prosecuting attorney Stephen Michniak said he would not be opposed to probation for Lainhart, as he had no part in the assault.

The court can still choose to give Lainhart a prison sentence.
The players will go through a pre-sentencing investigation before the court sentences them at a later date. The players will also continue their bond.

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