Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Northern Star Commentary Rebuttle

I saw an article in the Northern Star yesterday that I didn't like the looks of at all.

Jerry Burns points out in his Tuesday piece that he believes that a playoff system would benefit the MAC and smaller schools as a whole.

The first problem I have is that he starts off the article exclaiming "As an Ohio State fan..." You have got to be kidding me. How are you going to root the most for a school you don't even go to? I could understand if you went to an Ohio MAC school, but you are way west of that area. He says he has little to complain about the system that put OSU in the title game, which shows major bias starting off.

He goes on to say, "A playoff system would greatly improve the quality of play when the BCS giants face the mid-major teams, or “cupcakes.” Instead of assuming a win and moving on, the giants would actually have to play with heart and a desire to win."

I don't know exactly how this playoff system would improve the quality of play over the current bowl system really, which is meant to give each team a strong challenge. The last part doesn't even make any sense. When does a team assume a win and move on, without playing with a desire to win? I'm befuddled.

Already this season, we have seen evidence that the MAC can compete with BCS-level opponents. In week one of the season Bowling Green unseated No. 24 Pittsburgh, and just last week Ohio University was one-half away from upsetting No. 3 Ohio State.

Ohio State was ranked #3 at the time, but not after last weekend's huge loss to USC, 35-3, showing that the Buckeyes aren't as good as advertised. He should really keep up with the rankings of his favorite team! Nary does he mention that Pittsburgh gave away the game to BGSU turning the ball over 4 times and the fact that the Falcons got destroyed this past weekend by Minnesota at home and by Boise St on the road.

I have trouble believing that these ranked teams were playing with 100 percent focus on their opponent.

You're disowning your own reasoning.

One little known fact – Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour rushed and passed for more yards than Heisman winner Tim Tebow last season, with only nine fewer touchdowns.

LeFevour's accomplishments have been thouroughly noticed throughout the media, as he also has a huge billboard of him outside Comerica Park in Detroit.

Because CMU and the MAC don’t factor into the BCS, despite facing Kansas and Clemson in 2007, LeFevour did not garner any Heisman talk.

That's because CMU got DESTROYED by both of those teams.

It’s my strong belief that MAC players would get more respect from the media if they were to factor in the BCS and the national championship, just like Colt Brennan, who faced lesser opponents than LeFevour last season.

Colt Brennan and other MAC stars would have to play teams like Georgia in the 1st round of the playoffs, whose players have so much more talent it would be next to impossible to win even one game in this playoff format.

Just remember how much the media and fans loved it when Boise State beat Oklahoma.

That was a completely different situation, wherein Boise St actually had the better team that season. They went undefeated, making it to the BCS as a mid-major. The bowl system should stay, as it is manageable still to make the BCS currently as a smaller school who goes undefeated and deserves to be in the mix for the National Championship.

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