Saturday, September 27, 2008

NIU @ EMU Live Blog



-I don't see why EMU picked us as their homecoming game. But then again I don't see a team that they can beat in the MAC West. And we only won 2 games last year.

-EMU Cheerleaders - Not looking so hot

-EMU Linebacker Daniel Holtzclaw seems like he has been playing at EMU forever

-Hyping up Dan Nicholson? Hope he lives up to the hype

1st Quarter

-Huge boot by Mike Salerno out of the end-zone

-Man, there is nobody in these stands

-HUGE INT for Bradley "Playmaker" Pruitt. 2nd week in a row he's grabbed one.

-Montell Clanton gets the start today at TB

-Wow that was the worst Onyebuagu pronunciation I've ever heard. Did these announcers read the media guide?

-Run for no gain, bad rollout by Danny, bad screen to Greg Turner. Missed field goal. What a wasted opportunity. Hopefully this will not come back to bite us later in the game.


-We can't keep giving up so many yards from the QB rushing the ball. The EMU QB McMahon apparently has a hurt shoulder. A good opportunity for us, but I hope he's OK. Former starter Andy Schmitt goes in for the eagles.

-ANOTHER great play by Bradley Pruitt. He really is making the most out of his time at CB.

-LB blitz by Josh Allen forces Schmitt to throw the ball away on a 3rd and 10.


-Me'co Brown gets the next series and starts off strong with a nice carry

-I guess WR Matt Simon isn't playing today for some reason (Injured foot). What is going on with our WRs?

-Danny N almost throw up a pick and play is reversed to an incomplete pass

-Greg Turner is getting the bulk of the receptions today with the absence of Simon at WR

-It seems like Me'co Brown is just one broken tackle away from a TD on every play.


-Me'co Brown TD UNTOUCHED!!! 7-0. Great blocks by RG Dan Keller and RT Jon Brost.

-Salerno is kicking the crap out of the ball through the endzone

-Schmitt throws a pick right to LB McCarthy. Kyle Orton style.

-DeMarcus Grady does what he does best: Run the ball FOR A TD!!! 14-0

-EMU QB McMahon is in a sling now

2nd Quarter

-I'm NEVER having Burritoville again in my life

-Josh Allen with a huge play in the backfield. He is having a great game. Interesting note is that the announcer said that Kill announced at some point that he was hi most omplete linebacker.

-Mike Krause LAYED THE WOOD on a WR. WOW

-EMU doesn't convert the 4th and 3. Larry English is causing havoc.


-Montell Clanton with another run. Our RBs aren't getting touched on these big plays. Good play by a healthy? Jason Onyebuagu.

-We just had 2 fullbacks blocking for Me'co. Couldn't get it in though.

-Nice little reverse by Marcus Perez for a TD! 21-0

-Freshman DT Adam Coleman with a nice tackle

-Our defense looks awesome in this gmae for how long they've been out there. Unlike last year, our secondary is actually covering people.

-EMU just misses a FG. Let's hope for a shutout.


-Me'co Brown is looking like the "special" back that Jerry Kill is looking for in this offense and getting the bulk of the carries.

-Haven't seen much of Britt Davis, who must be officially in Coach Kill's (or PJ Fleck's) doghouse

-TE Reed Cunningham is performing consistently, which is key for this team to perform. A decent TE is something we lacked completely last year.

-All of our running backs are productive. Brown, Clanton, Spann. All having good games.

-This is too easy. FB Kyle Skarb with his first career TD catch. 28-0 Huskies.

-McCarthy with a TEXTBOOK tackle

-I'm starting to think how this game would turn out if EMU's starting QB McMahon didn't get knocked out of the game. It would have changed the whole pace of the game with the offense being more successful and giving EMU more of a breather on defense. This game is nice for our offense, but overall I would say this may turn out to be an inconclusive victory.

-P Andy Dittbenner is locating inside the 20 a ton

4th Quarter (Huskie B Team)

-Me'co Brown goes down with a leg injury. I hope its not serious and that he can return. He really is the star of the game.

-We are SWARMING on defense. Even now.

-LB Tim McCarthy is having a banner game.

-QB DeMarcus Grady still perfect passing for the season.

-Justin Anderson in garbage time? Crazy. We have 5 capable running backs.

-The ice on Me'co Brown is on his lower foot area. It can't be that bad since he is still out there on the sidelines. He is limping off the field after the game unassisted, so I am confidence in his return this season.

-Safety by DJ Pirkle. He's having a great game.

37-0 W


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