Saturday, March 1, 2008

NIU Seniors show class on their night...

...because CMU definitely didn't show any.

First lets talk about the game, in which seniors Shaun Logan, Egan Grafel, Mike Hart, Ben Rand and Ryan Paradise were honored. Those players will be missed. An odd mix of players, in which Paradise was the only freshman who played here. Logan and Grafel are from JUCOs, while Hart is from D-3 and Rand transferred from Iowa. The Daily Chronicle said it best:

Without a steady, consistent core of players that mature through the course of their career in a basketball system at the Division I level, NIU has struggled.

We lost 80-73 in a tough fought game. The greatest part about this year's team is that they never gave up. Game in and game out they would fight hard at home, even if they were seriously outmatched talent wise.

Future STUD Jake Anderson had 23 pts and 11 boards. I have no idea how he's been out-rebounding our big men all year! Nichols filled in with 17 and Patton with 14. Jarvis Nichols was also 11 for 11 shooting free throws.

Central Michigan is the dirtiest team in the MAC Conference without a doubt. In the nation? Arguably.

This guy is the NIU's public enemy #1:

Nate Minnoy. All 6'3" 270 of him. Senior F Shaun Logan reaches in for the basketball and is called with the foul. Then Big Nate goes ahead an gives Shaun a straight elbow to the face. It was so blatantly obvious and there was almost a bench-clearing brawl. Clearer heads availed, and everything got back to normal until the next play when Logan got pummeled again by a CMU player going after the ball. Unbelievable. Can't wait to play these guys again next year. I'll be in the front of the student section yelling at Minnoy the entire game. Absolute garbage. He's from Chicago and I'm glad we didn't recruit this guy.

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